Hi y’all. I’m back.

The reason for my one week delay is because my laptop is semi-functional and causing me some grief…

laptopFor a couple of days, it wouldn’t allow me to log in. Now that I’m able to log in, I have to be crafty and minimize the programs I’m working in just right AND to the right in order to accomplish anything. 🙁  Guess it’s better than not having a computer at all, right?

OK, now about this quick video, I attended a Girls Empowerment Workshop back in 2003, where former Editor-In-Chief of Essence magazine –Susan Taylor, was the keynote. She said a quote that has stuck with me since then: Pain is information trying to tell you something. Whenever you feel anger, sadness, bitterness, etc., whatever adjective you associate with pain, pay attention because that’s information alerting you that something’s amiss.

Let me know what you think. Remember, ADDRESS NOT SUPPRESS. In order to heal, you gotta keep it real. –fee~ETT






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