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Why I wrote #InnocenceGA @phetteogburn ~Available MARCH 1ST #Kindle #Nook #Smashwords

Hey y’all,

In this vid, I talk a little bit about the concept behind my upcoming book INNOCENCE, GA. Hopefully, you’re all caught up with all those juicy excerpts I’ve been posting for the past SEVEN WEEKS. Tomorrow, excerpt EIGHT will be released and is going to be the FINAL freebie. That’s because INNOCENCE, GA drops NEXT WEEK!!!! {Insert horns & musical instruments of your choice}

Check out the vid to gain some insight and see why this story is so important to me.


Website Makeover, Merry New Yr & all that good stuff…#2013 #update

Here it is the end of January and this is my first post of 2013. Though my intentions are good, I know I must be diligent when it comes to blogging/writing/expressing regularly (a semi, sorta New Year’s Resolution, but I don’t wanna call it that on the grounds I may jinx it *wink).

My time away has not been because I’ve been, ya know, slacking and watching way too much Scandal, Private Practice, and Double Divas or anything like that…eh, maybe that’s part of the reason; however, I have accomplished some things:

1. I enlisted the help of Duolit to makeover my site and make it more…ME! They tweaked the banner, cleaned up the tabs, and added a button for 3 Chicks and Some Books (A Collabo Project). I’m satisfied with the results. bannercomparison

2. I have some collaborative projects coming up and, I must say, I’m for real for real excited about ’em.*See #1

3. My goal is to write at least 5 books by the end of 2013. Now, with all the voices, I meant, characters in my head, this should be a fairly easy task, right? NOT! But I’m up for the challenge. See my Work In Progress page for more in-fo!

4. This ones a biggie…I sent my manuscript for Innocence, GA (a book I’ve been working on since NaNoWriMo 2011) to my editor. This right here is celebratory. Here’s an excerpt –> InnocenceGAExcerpt Phettefront(2)

What are some of your goals/plans for the year?

*Exclusive Excerpt 4 my loyal fans/subscribers #InnocenceGA #novel #wip #readers

I want to say thank you to all of you have been patient and followed me on this writing journey. I could not have done any of this without you.

To show my appreciation, here’s a never before seen Innocence, GA Prologue for my novel in progress, Innocence, GA.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks again,

Phette *fee-ETT*

Innocence, GA Prologue

Help me rename one of my characters 4 a chance to win!!! @phetteogburn

As you guys know, I’m working on my 1st novel Innocence, GA and the 3 main characters are: Fatima, Ty, and Nydene. I decided today that I no longer like the name Nydene (Na-deen) and need your help renaming her. Here’s a little bio backdrop to help you out.

·5’7ish, dark brown skin, short hair
·Tomboyish but will wear a dress
·Insecure, follower, naive
·Life of the party, excellent dancer

I hope that’s enough to get the creative juices flowing. The winner will be announced Friday and will receive a complimentary copy of my book of short stories: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU, a sneak peek of my short story in progress or Innocence, GA when it’s released. So, let’s have some fun!!!!

Interview: Kai Mann, author of 30 Day Notice @kaiology @phephi