This is not the platform for me to go into this long tirade about my money woes and all of the miseducation surrounding it. I mean, I could talk about that here, but, chances are you’d read some of it and go right back to Facebook. I don’t blame you. My attention span is like that, too. What I will say is most everything that I’ve learned was from trial and error. Lots and lots of it.

Like many families, money was not discussed in our house. The only mention of it was to reference the lack of it and how it don’t grow on trees. Other than that, all I knew was that my mom never had any, and my grandma “appeared” to have plenty. I vowed that when I grew up I was not going to catch a bus, a taxi, nor beg friends & family members for rides –like my mom did. Nope. Matter of fact, hell naw I’m not doing that. Instead, I revered my grandmother, my maternal grandmother. She had a good job, pretty decent house, nice clothes, and…A CAR!

I followed what I perceived the blueprint to be. Got good government jobs. Got my very first car inĀ 1995, a brand new Ford Aspire, and new cars every 2 years thereafter. Not once being told that if one car wasn’t paid off, the balance rolls right over into the next car’s payment. Next thing I knew, my car notes kept getting higher and higher and I kept paying later and later.

Fast forward to 2015. My 2006 Kia Spectra (which was brand new & at that time, was the highest note I’d ever had) broke down. It was paid off and had been for almost 3 years. I panicked and did what I did best –went to the car lot.

My car note and insurance combined costĀ more than my rent. Now, THAT. IS. A. PROBLEM!!!! But I had no clue how to get out of it. I reached out to a few people for assistance, advice, guidance, something. Made pleas in a finance group. Followed experts, listened to podcasts. They all had the same advice: DO NOT LET THAT CAR GET REPOSSESSED!

Well, I tried. I got a part-time job and that helped a bit, until the hours lessened. So after pondering & contemplating for well over 6 months, it happened and, guess what? I’m not as bothered as folks think I should be. Is it going to hurt the hell out of my credit? Absolutely. Is it the end of the world? Nope, not at all.

Now that I’m equipped with the education and mindset necessary to have a better relationship with money, I will exert every effort not to make poor choices again, especially when it comes to buying a vehicle. Plus, having the wrong mindset kept me from enjoying the positives of public transportation and not viewing it as “lack.” Basking in not having road rage, not having to deal with highway traffic & just simply relaxing & being a passenger. I’m also learning who has my back and who doesn’t. I am immensely grateful for my support system. There’s a blessing and a lesson in all things. I’m taking this opportunity to build my life — THE RIGHT WAY!


If you know someone with a used car (not a hooptie) for sale, please let me know.

Check out my repo chronicles below lol

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