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Did you have a good weekend? Was it fun? Was it productive?

Yesterday was the table-read slash meet & greet for my upcoming web series. And, as expected, 2 of the MAIN characters weren’t able to make it. It almost messed up my mood, but I kept it moving.

I arrived at the library 30 minutes early, thinking, hey, I’m doing good…Only to find out they double-booked and had to change the room they’d initially reserved to a smaller one. Still, I didn’t trip because it’s better than not having a room at all, right? BUT…I was about to trip on the lady’s rudeness. In fact, a few of us were.

So…1 o’clock hits and still no room. 1:03…1:05…1:07…nothing. I’m trying to get the rude lady’s attention, but she was occupied with other customers. One time, she looked me square in the face and I politely said,”It’s past 1 o’clock.” She turned her head as if I said nothing.

At 1:10, one of my cronies, I meant, cast members walked over to the desk, customers and all, and asked, “Can you just tell us which room we’re in?” The older man, who was right there with the rude lady when the nice lady admitted she’d double booked, acted oblivious and said “What’s the name again? All the rooms are taken.”

I gave him my company’s name, and the rude lady jumped in and said, “It’s Room 2, straight to the back and on the left.” I gave her my “Please-don’t-make-me-act-up-in-Dearborn Heights-because-I-will” look. Like, why didn’t she say that before when we were having our staring contest??? But anyhoo…

We walked to the room and….


Before I could say ANBESOL (For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, click the link to watch the vid :-) ), one of my cronies, I meant, crew, was at the front desk.

The rude lady comes floating back there, having conversation with us as she’s opening the door, trying to lighten the mood. She even says a joke that none of us laughs at. We were all dead-pan like…

Rude lady, don’t try to be nice now. Get on out so we can get started.


The read was a success! The actors got into character, and even stepped up and read lines for those who didn’t show up. It was a great feeling.

Table Read/Meet & Greet

Table Read/Meet & Greet



The POINT of it all

The absolute moral to this story is, although the day started off rough, with the room and the characters not showing up, I had to keep…pushing…forward.

I’m a firm believer in that what is for me is FOR ME…and will be, regardless. Through tornados, hurricanes, monsoons…whateva.


I’m also a firm believer in when you’re passionate about something, you will make it happen at all costs. This was evident when one of the cast members drove from OHIO (2-3 hours away) to attend the read. Another caught the bus. That’s passion. That’s commitment.

I’m gonna do what it takes to get this project off the ground because I BELIEVE IN IT!!!! PERIOD. That’s the only option.

I hope the rest of your day turns out just as you want it to.

Keep pushing…Keep it moving…AND


My Upcoming Web Series | @phetteogburn #WebShow #YouTube

Great day y’all!!!!

You were given another day. What ‘chu gone do wit it????

I’m in an awesome mood this morning. Hopefully you are too!

I’m gonna talk briefly about my upcoming web show. I’m still a bit apprehensive about revealing the title because I’m not really sold on it. So, it’s a working title at this point.

I suck really, really bad at titling. That is a word, right? If not, it should be. My 2 books were named by someone else. And, now that I’m thinking about it, I just may reach out to them again.


The series is about a 30-year-old woman name Andreea who realizes her life has been nothing but a string of dead-end relationships, and she really wants to believe there’s more to life.

She has 2 besties: Stacia & Wen-Dell, who do a good job keeping her balanced by feeding into her crazy and also knocking her down to reality when need be. We all need friend like that, don’t we?

All but the main character & one minor character are casted. While this is a non-paid gig, you will gain exposure and have oodles (LOTS OF; A WHOLE LOT; TONS) of fun being on set. Oodles!!!

If you or someone you know can act and fit the character bios (below), please have him/her email me their resume’, head shot, and preferably a link to their acting reel at:

AA, 30, free-spirit, sarcastic, eclectic, commitment-phobe

AA, dark-skinned, late 20s early 30s, handsome, charismatic

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Celibacy — 3 Reasons why I’ve chosen to do so | @phetteogburn #AddressNotSuppress

Happy Sunday. Happy day. Any day on the sunny side of the dirt is worth rejoicing.

I had a very rough weekend, so I’m a bit exhausted. However, I refused to let that be an excuse to not make a Blog/Vlog post.

Today’s topic:

Sexual abstinence from some or all aspects of sexual activity for some limited period of time, usually for non-religious reasons and for personal growth & empowerment.

In different periods of my life, I often entertained the idea of becoming celibate. This would come about whenever I would reach an impasse in a relationship and question its foundation.

What I found out was that ALL of my relationships were based on SEX!!!

I talk about this in my video Aura & Energy, and, back in the day, I didn’t make the connection that that’s why I wasn’t getting “more” from the relationship because the base/foundation was rocky from jump.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I’m choosing celibacy

3. Personal Growth
2. No more bartering SEX for attention
1. I want to be LOVED for who I am, not for what I can give sexually

Click on the video for more.

Thanks for watching y’all. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Who Am I & Why I’m Sharing My Story @phetteogburn

Happy It-Looks-Like-It’s-Gonna-Be-Snowy-and-Wintery-In-Michigan-Forever Sunday!!!!

I spent all day yesterday packing and moving, so my hair is a mess, hence the furry, purple, faux Kangol I’m rocking today. But anyhoo…

Purple Kangol

Purple Kangol

Who Am I
I am…


What this means is: I feel most comfortable writing than I do speaking. I enjoy sharing stories (story telling); it’s my passion and what I feel deeply about. And, I also get great satisfaction knowing someone is living their passion. Doing what she loves. Because the highest satisfaction is doing what we were brought here to do, ya know?

Why Am I Sharing My Story w/You?

Because…I wish someone had shared their stories with me as a kid, as a teen, as a young adult so that I didn’t feel so alone.

What story telling does is educate, enlighten, and let’s you know that there are other folks who are going or have gone through the same thing.

Stories give us HOPE. EMPOWER…and SAVES LIVES.

With the advent of FB, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and other social media platforms, stories and messages are more easily conveyed and received, making them more accessible.


To educate, inform, and inspire women, teens, that it’s not too late to do what you were created to do! I do this by sharing my stories on my YouTube Channel, through my Books, and my social media outlets. Thanks so much for your feedback because it let’s me know that I’m on the right track.

Thanks for watching y’all.

#AddressNotSuppress |What is your aura? What type of energy are you putting out there? @phetteogburn

Aura – a distinctive air or quality considered to be characteristic of a person or thing.

What is your aura? What type of energy are you emitting?

About 10 years ago, it hit me. Even though I was told several times by different people, it finally hit me…I was exuding a sexual aura. Not in the way I dressed, which is visually obvious when we think of a sexually attractive person…like Jessica Rabbit (the only example I can think of at the moment), but in my mentality, the way I viewed certain things.

A little background
I come from a family who doesn’t show affection. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve hugged my mom, and the number of times we’ve said I LOVE YOU are even fewer than that. So, very early on, before I was a teenager, I sought attention elsewhere.

I wasn’t exposed to healthy relationships, and assumed that everyone cheated. Like, it was the norm. The thing to do. With that, I never fully committed to anyone and viewed those I came in “contact” with as sexual conquests, devoid of any real emotion.

Pair & A Spare
When I was 19 years old, a 40-year-old friend of mine told me to always have “backup.” Never rely simply on one person. I lived by this for more than half of my life.

Per my therapist, I did this because of my notion that no one is going to stick around anyway, physically, emotionally, or otherwise, so why bother getting attached. This is also known as abandonment issues…from my dad not being around and my mom not being emotionally available.

You get what you put out
I kept hopping into relationships knowing I wasn’t willing to do the work. In essence, I was unavailable. So that’s the type of people I attracted.

FOUR exes got married after we broke up
Yup, you read that right. Four. And I blamed everyone but myself. While this was a devastating blow to my self-esteem, it helped me to examine my patterns and get honest with myself. What I discovered — I got exactly what I asked for.

How I Overcame
Once I dug deep and got honest with myself, I realized not only did I not know myself, I didn’t LOVE MYSELF. When I started speaking of and believing my worth, what I deserve, what I truly want, things began to shift and align with my requests. I was no longer emitting that “sex only” energy. That “side chick” energy. That “just good enough” energy.

Now, I attract those who see me. Who see my worth. Who value me and my time…because that’s how I view ME!

When you love yourself, wholeheartedly, you will not accept anything substandard. Period. That’s how I overcame getting married on FOUR TIMES!!!

Tell me, what is your aura? What type of energy are you feeding the world?

Like, share, subscribe, and comment.

Remember, don’t stop until you get there. ~Phette

The Author Formerly Known As…Phette Ogburn

Happy Sunday y’all.

I’m back again with a super short post & vid.

Some of you may have noticed that my website is and my Facebook is now Phette HOLLINS. Why is that?

My married name was OGBURN. When I got divorced almost 2 years ago, I went back to my maiden name. I am in the process of changing my website but am torn as to whether or not I should change my name as an author. My books are published under OGBURN, and I think it would cause more headache for me to start writing under my maiden name. I’m thinking about keeping OGBURN as it relates to my books and just use it as my pen name. What do y’all think? Does it even matter? Do y’all care one way or the other?


To honor my cousin Jessica’s memory, her friends, my family & I rock cheetah print (and purple) because she loved it and wore it on a regular. Soooo…..

If you have pics of you rocking cheetah, send them to me at: OR follow me on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to add the hashtag #Cheetah4UJai, & I will shout you out on one or all of my social media channels.

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Vlog Update and what I’ve been up to @phetteogburn #Cheetah4UJai #AddressNotSuppress

Merry New Year y’all!!!!

Yes, I know it’s good & February, but this is my 1st post of the year. It’s been a trying past few months, but I’m bizzack!!!!

This post is about what I’ve been doing & what’s to come.

BUT first, check out my new hair

Crochet Braids/Senegalese Twists

Crochet Braids/Senegalese Twists

Being the avid YouTuber that I am, I stumbled across the protective style: crochet braids. It’s easy & low-maintenance.

I was never a fan of weave before, mainly because I’ve always had long hair and didn’t really see a need to wear weave. But…NOW…I don’t think I’ll ever wear my real hair again. Not EVER!!! :)

Ok, so, enough about my hair.

Where the heck have I been?

Many of you know I lost my cousin in a house fire on Sunday, September 28, 2014, read that blog post HERE!!! In addition to coping with that, my laptop, that was accidentally stepped on (NOT BY ME) last year

Accidentally stepped on laptop

Accidentally stepped on laptop

, the screen eventually ended up going all black…thus becoming inoperable. Grrrr….

What I’m working on

While my computer was down, I scripted a new web series (Title to be revealed later on)…BY HAND…the Old Skool pen & paper & black & white notebook. YUP!!! I wrote 10 mini, webisodes. Talk about determination.

Address NOT Suppress

In an attempt to become more consistent and hold myself accountable, I’m going to post weekly episodes of Address NOT Suppress on Sundays!!! I want to prove to those of you who look forward to my messages that I am serious about helping you heal so that you can become your best version of YOU…’cuz, that’s what it’s all about, right?


To honor my cousin Jessica’s memory, her friends, my family & I rock cheetah print (and purple) because she loved it and wore it on a regular. Soooo…..

If you have pics of you rocking cheetah, send them to me at: OR follow me on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to add the hashtag #Cheetah4UJai, & I will shout you out on one or all of my social media channels.

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