Beautiful DisastersBeautiful Disasters by Dawn Jasper
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The story started off strong. Anika Connors was independent, smart and determined. She refused to let her feelings toward her father hold her back. I identified with her insatiable sexual appetite, but got lost along the way. I was thrown off by the bizarre love triangle between her, David, and Tee. It just seemed a bit odd to me that he was so in love with her while she was head over heels for Tee. Near the middle/end of the story is where it trailed off for me. I applaud her for taking the proper steps to move her life in a different direction by opening up to Eric, but it didn’t seem to flow…realistically. Though I’m sure there’s going to be a sequel, the ending could have been much better. There’s a difference between a cliff-hanger and abruptly ending a story.

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