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On May 31st (my 42nd birthday) I released my 3rd bookĀ 3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties, and I am so proud. Yes, I am proud of my first two books as well. But the reason I am most proud of this book is that, unlike the others, this one is non-fiction and about specific periods in my life, not semi-autobiographical accounts. I get raw and #GetNaked. šŸ™‚

Writing this book was cathartic. I released things that had been holding me back for years. No lie, after I decided to no longer be tied to certain people & things and wrote my truths, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt it. I was free.

While I was repeating unhealthy patterns, I noticed that a lot of other folks were too. People opened up to me, shared their stories. I didn’t solicit them. They just felt lead to do so. I see that as a privilege, an honor and it’s something that I don’t take lightly.

Because of the countless conversations I’ve had with people, I know many of you are stuck and may benefit from readingĀ 3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties.

If you are:

Repeating unhealthy patterns

Linked to someone who is not your mate

Straddling the fence and unsure of your worth

This book is for you. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the magnitude of a situation while we’re knee deep in it. When we see someone else has gone through a similar situation and persevered, it gives us hope.

When I would hear folks’ stories about abuse and neglect and how they overcame those things, I knew that I had to get to the root of my issues by getting real honest with myself about what was holding me back from the career I wanted, having good credit and just a healthy relationship with money period, as well as meaningful relationships with people.

I now know that getting, having, and keeping those things are possible when you do the work.

I want to reach 100 downloads. Get people talking about cutting soul ties. It’s available on Amazon and Nook for just $6.99. That’s it.

Share with those you know who need to CUT IT. Share with those who will benefit. Better yet, gift it to 5 people and be like “Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday.”

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We’re more productive and better as humans when we’re not bound, tied, and chained to something or someone. That statement has multiple connotations but ultimately mean the same thing. Get your dirty mind out the gutter LOL.



~Until next time…

*Disclaimer: I am an author, scriptwriter, and creator of theĀ Get Naked Movement, where I share stories (mine & others) to help folks heal from the inside out. I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, but I am an enthusiast who is passionate about healing & getting unstuck.

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