This episode is about watching the words that come out of your mouth. Are you mindful of what you say? Are your words healing or hurting people?

For many years, I was known for having a sharp tongue, cussing folks out and cutting them with my words. I often did this when I felt attacked, betrayed, used, or just downright slighted. And to think, once upon a time, I prided myself in being verbally abusive, thinking that doing so was much better than physically attacking someone.


What people have said to me has had a greater impact than any fist fight I’ve been in.

Check out my vid to see what a former co-worker said to me over 10 years ago that lingered and stuck with me up until very recently. Choose your words carefully.






**Don’t stop until you get there. –fee~ETT**

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3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties & Make Peace

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